Can You Test Clear?

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Drug testing is conducted for many reasons. Some companies send potential employees for drug testing prior to employing them, athletes are tested for drugs when they are competing and parents may send their children for drug testing to find out if they are indulging in any drugs. Drug testing can be carried out in a number of ways. Drugs can be detected in the blood, urine, saliva, sweat, and hair. Traces of drugs or toxins left behind is present in any one of these areas of the body. Depending on the type of drugs being taken, the evidence of it can linger on for days and even weeks.


TestClear is an online drug testing company that helps you prepare for drug tests. They sell products that help you to detox before a test. They also sell drug tests similar to the ones that will be used when you are getting tested by these larger companies. Test clear offers comprehensive solutions for those who want to find out whether they will pass a drug test or not, prior to actually going for the supervised test.

TestClear Products Explained

TestClear offers a variety of ways to assist you when it comes to drug testing. One of the most popular ways of testing is via urine. If you are going for a urine test, you can choose to use dehydrated or powdered urine. The urine actually comes in a small bag and this kit includes a test vial and heater strip. All you then need to do is mix the powdered urine inside the bottle with water and heat it up to body temperature with the heater strip. So this is all it takes to have human urine, 100% free of toxins.

Detoxification is another option if you are skeptical about the powdered urine. What you should do is purchase the detoxification drink, commonly referred to as Ready Clean Detoxify. The drink then gives you a window period of four hours. During this time, all toxins are removed from your body and if you conduct a drug test within these four hours, you will pass. This applies to drug testing via urine, hair, and blood.

There are many companies that require you to go for drug testing using a strand of your hair. There are special shampoos that can help you pass a drug test. Nexxus Aloe Rid and shampoo clean are two products that are designed to get the toxins out of your hair. These products or shampoos are designed to break down the hair shafts while washing to eliminate any toxins that are present.

There are many companies that insist on their employees being tested for weed. This is especially true if you are going to be fulfilling a role that involves dealing directly with people, driving or handling dangerous machinery. Depending on the role that you will be filling the number of times that you will be tested varies. Many companies also carry out spot checks. This basically means that you can be called out without any prior warning and tested. It can happen at any time and without being notified in advance.

It is important to know that weed stays in your system for at least 6 weeks. So if you are going to be tested, stay away from it for at least 40 days to be on the safe side. Urine is usually used when testing for weed. Any drug you take doesn’t remain the same once it gets into your bloodstream. It is actually broken down into smaller units. When you smoke weed, you will have THC in your system, however, once it is processed by the liver, it turns into THC-COOH. Now THC-COOH stays in your system for much longer than THC. Different companies have different passing requirements. While some may accept 100ml, others accept 20ml. So it all depends on the company that you are going to be working for, your role in the company and of course their discretion.

The test clear review website has amazing reviews of the products and programs offered by Test Clear. So if you would like to know more about the products, visit the test clear review website today.


Beating Drug Tests In 2017

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Getting ready for a drug test can be unnerving. This is especially true if you haven’t been abstaining in recent weeks and have to keep it in your mind to stay clear of your favorite form of recreation on top of diligently working to clean your system out. If this is something that you’ve been dealing with, you should start looking for the best Test Clear Reviews & Coupon Codes – Beating Drug Tests In 2017 has never been easier.

Discover Vast Selection Of Products For Passing Drug Tests

Test Clear is the preferred brand among many consumers who are looking for products to help them beat their drug tests. This company produces a very vast range of products for helping people avoid positive test results with urine, saliva, blood and hair testings. As such, they address the greatest range of consumer needs, all while adhering to their promise of reliability. If you choose the right system for your circumstances and follow the directions for use carefully, you have a very high chance of passing your drug test, irrespective of the drug you use and the frequency at which you use it. This is why Test Clear has received such positive reviews from consumers.

Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Test Clear Products

Although Test Clear has developed a pretty solid reputation for overall effectiveness, this is only true when needs-specific products are used. For instance, you can find a Test Clear, internal cleansing system that works effectively if used several weeks in advance of an actual testing date. If you only have two to three days to pass your test, and if you’re using a drug like marijuana that requires one full month for total elimination, you will probably be better off investing in a fake urine kit, or a last-minute, urine add-in. You also have to choose products that are in line with the planned testing method. You will not get the results you want if you choose a urine cleansing product, only to have your cheek swabbed during your appointment. The more that you know about the actual testing process and the more specific to your recreational activities your chosen product is; the better off you’ll ultimately be.

How To Choose The Right Test Clear Solution For Your Needs

Take a minute to document that amount of each substance you have been using and the make notes on the potency of this substance. People who smoke marijuana with low THC values, such as medicinal, CBD strains, will be able to cleanse their systems at a far more rapid rate than will those who regularly smoke highly potent strains. Body weight can also play a role in determining how quickly cleansing occur. Next, read through some of the product descriptions that are posted on the Test Clear website in order to identify options that are suited to your needs. Be sure to account of the specifics of the testing facility and the related testing procedure. If you will be required to produce a sample under constant supervision, it may be best to invest in a fake urine product that has an included, urine distribution system, such as a special prosthesis.

Tips For Finding Test Clear Coupon Codes

Until you’ve personally had an opportunity to experience the impressive efficacy of these products, you may be reticent to part with your hard-won cash. Keep in mind, however, that finding a good product can mean the difference between keeping your job and not. One way to diminish the costs of your first purchase and all subsequent purchases that occur in the future, is by looking for Test Clear coupon codes and promotional offers. There are usually several of these on the official website that this company maintains, and you may be able to find others by searching third-party coupon sites that service this particular niche.

It’s also a good idea to join the Test Clear mailing list. In fact, this is very important to do if your employer requires routine drug testing. Doing so will allow you to stay up on all of the latest product developments and to get regular offers sent directly to your inbox as these come available. Being a mailing list subscribers may even qualify you to receive special Test Clear coupons that are not readily made available to the general public.


Shopping For And Using A Synthetic Urine Kit

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Whether you’re looking for work or are already gainfully employed, being able to pass a drug test could be an important part of establishing and maintaining your livelihood. In certain industries and positions, companies are required to conduct routine, mandatory drug testing. As a matter of protecting their own interests, many businesses also perform drug testing as part of their normal hiring procedures. If you like to indulge recreationally, you will need to have a solid strategy for ensuring successful results. This is especially true if testing is random and must be completed before you can return to your post.

Cleaning Your System Out

With urine testing, you may have the ability to rid your system of all drugs and drug residues ahead of your actual testing date. This is especially true if you have one or more weeks for these efforts. Eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water or cranberry juice, and exercising regularly are just a few of the many strategies that can be employed to this end. There are also special cleansing products that can expedite this process. One of the most important things to note about natural cleanses, however, is that they are less effective when attempting to rid the system of marijuana. Marijuana and many of its components are fat soluble. This means that they are placed by the body into its fat stores. This is why it takes a lot longer for people to naturally clear marijuana out of their systems.

Using Products To Alter Test Results

You may be able to drink special beverages or take a specific supplement just hours before your test in order to alter the results. With marijuana, some people use zinc to ensure that they do not test positive. There are even formulas that are manufactured specifically for these purposes that can be added to the urine immediately after it has been released. One vital thing to note is that many drug testing companies are well aware of these strategies. As such, they often look for signs of excess zinc in the urine, or evidence of flushing the body with fluids. Not only do you want your urine sample to be absolutely drug-free, but you also want your urine to be chemically identical to a natural, healthy urine sample that shows no evidence of having been tampered with, whether internally or externally.

Investing In A Fake Urine Kit For Last-Minute Help

When there is sufficient ability to do so, it is generally best to bring a fake urine kit to the testing facility to bypass the challenges of short-term abstinence and cleansing your body and to avoid the risks associated with any efforts to trick the testing procedure. With fake urine, it’s possible to present a healthy, clean urine sample that professionals at the testing facility will not be suspicious of. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when using any type of fake urine product.

Urine Temperatures

One effort that’s made on the part of testing labs to prevent cheating and trickery is to analyze the temperature of the samples that have been submitted. In fact, this is the very first thing that they will do. This is to ensure that people are not collecting samples from their family members or friends and then presenting these on the day of testing. A good fake urine kit will, therefore, have a component for keeping the sample warmed to the appropriate temperature.

Patient-Specific Factors

There are also a few patient-specific factors that are checked at the time of testing. For instance, if you are a male, then you certainly don’t want to submit a urine sample that you have collected from a pregnant, female friend. Chemical differences between genders and other factors like these will be checked and dealt with. When ordering a fake urine kit, you’ll, therefore, need to find one that is specific to your own, unique needs.

Disbursing Your Fake Urine

Another important thing to remember when purchasing your fake urine kit is the method of disbursement. If there are people within the testing facility who will be standing by as your produce your sample, you do not want these individuals to see you removing a bag of urine that’s been taped to your leg. This makes it important to secure a fake urine kit that has a natural-looking prosthesis that can be used when producing your sample.


Passing A Drug Test With Niacin

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Drug tests and niacin have a connection, and if you are an active user of the Internet, you should probably know a thing or two about this not-so-secret pact. Niacin, contrary to common beliefs, is a vitamin and not a drug. It is a B vitamin (B3) that helps with over 50 chemical processes within the human body and also assists with metabolizing carbohydrates.

Niacin as Dietary Supplement

Niacin is used as a diet supplement by individuals suffering from low niacin levels or high cholesterol levels. Niacin helps promote healthy skin, assists with hormone production and maintains the nervous system. Moreover, the vitamin helps with fat metabolism, which helps flush illicit drugs out of the body. A standard niacin pill would comprise 500mg niacin.

Several people endorse the notion that a large niacin dose can help with passing a drug exam, even if the drug involved was marijuana or cocaine. Niacin pills could be purchased over-the-counter in almost every pharmacy. The maximum dose should not exceed 2000mg if you would like to keep the side effects at bay.

Niacin Flush

The niacin flush is basically a technique that helps an individual clear out metabolite traces from within their body quicker than normal. This is achieved by augmenting the speed with which the fats are broken down by the body. Metabolites happen to take refuge in the fat cells and breaking them down helps clear the drug test.

The issue with the niacin drug test technique is niacin pills do not perform consistently across the board. The effectiveness levels could vary between individuals, based on the person’ weight and height and also his/her rate of metabolism. Generally, individuals with high body fat content do not achieve results on par with people with low body fat.

Moreover, contrary to common perception, niacin isn’t a miracle drug. The desired results aren’t achieved in the first attempt. For maximum effectiveness, one should use niacin for at least a couple of days. Increasing the dosage levels can help you cut down a session or two, but don’t go overboard with the dosage. As aforementioned, 500mg is safe. Anything above that would mean inching closer to danger. In other words, taking a large dose at once could pose major health issues.

Pre-Niacin Preparation

If you’re planning to take niacin pills, following the steps below could help increase the effectiveness of the drug and also keep things within safe levels:

• To prevent overdosing, take niacin pills with a time gap of at least five hours.
• Drink loads of water, usually a couple of glasses with a pill. Also, consume as much fruit juice, water, caffeinated drinks or sports drinks during the day. However, do not over hydrate yourself in the process.
• Stay away from alcohol and drugs, to mitigate any reduction in the pills’ effects.
• Stay away from fat-rich foods too – eat light meals.
• On test day, take a couple of pills at least and consume four to five glasses of water.
• In case your urine gets too diluted due to hydration, administer a vitamin B2 pill. It would make the urine yellowish.
• If you feel like urinating, don’t resist the urge. Urinate whenever the call comes during the drug testing process and most importantly, before taking the test.
• Kindly note niacin pills would only influence your urine test; it would not impact any other drug test.

Marijuana and Niacin

Niacin is known for its ability to flush out marijuana and also cocaine to generate a negative test. Niacin has been extensively used as a conventional therapeutic vitamin for breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Similarly, the vitamin could assist with promoting and hastening metabolism. It’s reportedly effective at disintegrating and eliminating toxins, impurities, and drugs like marijuana from the body.


Most people can vouch for niacin’s effectiveness as far its role in a drug test goes. However, there are also people who state a niacin drug test didn’t achieve anything substantial for them. As aforementioned, improper or incorrect dosage could be the reason why some people may not find niacin doing the trick. Also, some individuals may not have the body structure to help a niacin pill do its job. So if niacin is not working for you, look into your dosage levels and also take your body weight into account.


Adding some Bam & Pazow to the Wow!

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Hey all! Thanks for popping in here at the SF Wow site. We have a ton of energy here, and that’s where the WOW factor comes from – and the “Bam!” and “Pazow!” reminded us of those early campy Batman shows from the 1960s where every time Batman clobbered a bad guy, you’d see those comic strip dialog bubbles that would say stuff like “Bam!” and “Pow!” etc.

Anyway, I’m not sure what the heck was in my head when I came up with this site, but since I’m getting it off my chest, here’s a really great look back to 1966 at some fight scenes from the original TV show! I hope you enjoy it! Yes… to those of you way too young to remember, this was definitely the highlight of the show back then!

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