Passing A Drug Test With Niacin

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Drug tests and niacin have a connection, and if you are an active user of the Internet, you should probably know a thing or two about this not-so-secret pact. Niacin, contrary to common beliefs, is a vitamin and not a drug. It is a B vitamin (B3) that helps with over 50 chemical processes within the human body and also assists with metabolizing carbohydrates.

Niacin as Dietary Supplement

Niacin is used as a diet supplement by individuals suffering from low niacin levels or high cholesterol levels. Niacin helps promote healthy skin, assists with hormone production and maintains the nervous system. Moreover, the vitamin helps with fat metabolism, which helps flush illicit drugs out of the body. A standard niacin pill would comprise 500mg niacin.

Several people endorse the notion that a large niacin dose can help with passing a drug exam, even if the drug involved was marijuana or cocaine. Niacin pills could be purchased over-the-counter in almost every pharmacy. The maximum dose should not exceed 2000mg if you would like to keep the side effects at bay.

Niacin Flush

The niacin flush is basically a technique that helps an individual clear out metabolite traces from within their body quicker than normal. This is achieved by augmenting the speed with which the fats are broken down by the body. Metabolites happen to take refuge in the fat cells and breaking them down helps clear the drug test.

The issue with the niacin drug test technique is niacin pills do not perform consistently across the board. The effectiveness levels could vary between individuals, based on the person’ weight and height and also his/her rate of metabolism. Generally, individuals with high body fat content do not achieve results on par with people with low body fat.

Moreover, contrary to common perception, niacin isn’t a miracle drug. The desired results aren’t achieved in the first attempt. For maximum effectiveness, one should use niacin for at least a couple of days. Increasing the dosage levels can help you cut down a session or two, but don’t go overboard with the dosage. As aforementioned, 500mg is safe. Anything above that would mean inching closer to danger. In other words, taking a large dose at once could pose major health issues.

Pre-Niacin Preparation

If you’re planning to take niacin pills, following the steps below could help increase the effectiveness of the drug and also keep things within safe levels:

• To prevent overdosing, take niacin pills with a time gap of at least five hours.
• Drink loads of water, usually a couple of glasses with a pill. Also, consume as much fruit juice, water, caffeinated drinks or sports drinks during the day. However, do not over hydrate yourself in the process.
• Stay away from alcohol and drugs, to mitigate any reduction in the pills’ effects.
• Stay away from fat-rich foods too – eat light meals.
• On test day, take a couple of pills at least and consume four to five glasses of water.
• In case your urine gets too diluted due to hydration, administer a vitamin B2 pill. It would make the urine yellowish.
• If you feel like urinating, don’t resist the urge. Urinate whenever the call comes during the drug testing process and most importantly, before taking the test.
• Kindly note niacin pills would only influence your urine test; it would not impact any other drug test.

Marijuana and Niacin

Niacin is known for its ability to flush out marijuana and also cocaine to generate a negative test. Niacin has been extensively used as a conventional therapeutic vitamin for breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Similarly, the vitamin could assist with promoting and hastening metabolism. It’s reportedly effective at disintegrating and eliminating toxins, impurities, and drugs like marijuana from the body.


Most people can vouch for niacin’s effectiveness as far its role in a drug test goes. However, there are also people who state a niacin drug test didn’t achieve anything substantial for them. As aforementioned, improper or incorrect dosage could be the reason why some people may not find niacin doing the trick. Also, some individuals may not have the body structure to help a niacin pill do its job. So if niacin is not working for you, look into your dosage levels and also take your body weight into account.

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